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george, waiting to be noticed. or not. i would love to be interesting except i really don't think i am. Christ is my mindset and nothing you say will change that. i am a sinner with an anchor of despair who continuously finds Gods Grace, Love & Mercy everyday. im a music enthusiast of all kinds.and play lead guitar at my church. i dig guitar pedals, tattoos, scripture, love, Star Wars, LOTR, being in a band, and just about anything. i don't claim perfection, just the following of the one who was. ask me whatever your little heart desires, and ill glady answer .

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Artist: Iron and Wine


I am thinking it’s a sign

That the freckles in our eyes

Are mirror images and when we kiss

They’re perfectly aligned


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Tumblr Themes For Mayor Of Splitsville by La Dispute

So just learned this song and feeling really good :  )
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Me:  I'm sorry Jesus for all my sins and failures. I'm the worst pers--
Jesus:  It is finished. I will always love you.
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my personal style is called “i don’t have the money for my preferred aesthetic”

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Artist: Brand New




Brand New | Moshi Moshi (acoustic)

Dream in Japanese, dream in Japanese

I’m like “Bitch, I don’t even know how to speak”

best part of this version

Dream in Japanese dream in Japanese
A language I don’t even know how to speak

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Check out this refinished Timmy from TGP user prisoner_of_mars

This is awesome.
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i’m sorry but if hot rod isn’t your favorite movie you are just wrong
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